Like many people, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo etc. And I’m sure, like many people, most of what I put up there isn’t of any use to anyone.

But sometimes I find something interesting to do with work (I’m an interpreter and translator) that I put up, and rather than have it lost in the ‘clutter’ of my social networking life, I’ve decided to try to keep it here. All neat and tidy, in the one place.

Here are some of the things I blog about.

Equivalents are words from different language which refer to the same thing. Often the different characteristics of equivalents are interesting in some way, and this is what this category is about.

Interpreting Practice is essentially practice material, something which is hard to find on the internet. I’ve always wished that there would just be a list of resources someone could put together for me, to save me having to root around YouTube and Google Reader looking for it, and in the absence of someone to do it for me, I’ve done it here.

Vocab should be quite self explanatory too. Any language learner will be familiar with memorizing vocab lists. I’ve tried to explain some of the definitions though, because knowing them is important too.



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